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No Vaping
Our restaurants and patios are filled with the aromas of fresh garlic, basil and delicious sauces simmering on the stovetop just as Momma intended. The tutti frutti scents and vape clouds do not blend with our recipes and are not appreciated by your fellow diners.

Service Animals and Pets
We salute your service and we all love our pets, however this is a dining establishment and we are governed by the health department. All dogs must remain on the floor or ground below your tables and not in walkways, chairs or at table height. Non-service dogs must remain outside. Dogs are not allowed to be served food in our restaurants.

No Camping
We are ecstatic that you have chosen our restaurant to gather with your friends and family. Remember that there are other families waiting to enjoy their time together as well. Dining times should be kept to a two hour maximum to give everyone a chance to enjoy Momma’s meatballs.

Leave a Lasting Impression
Lynora’s offers many drink specials to leave extra dollars in your wallet. Remember to drink responsibly and leave a good impression. You don’t have to drink all the alcohol to have a good time.

Treat Momma’s House With Respect
You wouldn’t put your feet on Momma’s table so don’t do it on ours. Keep your shoes on and feet on the floor. Remember, people are eating here.

Split Meatballs Not Checks
We will split large checks into a maximum of 6 equal credit card payments. Your server has other tables that require just as much attention just as you. Let’s be considerate to all.

We are appreciative of every guest that chooses to dine at our restaurants and we want everyone to have the same opportunity. Please help us make everyone’s experience a memorable one by staying considerate of others around you.